Chhatrapati Shivaji, Dr. Bhawan Singh Rana


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Chhatrapati Shivaji is an epoch-maker and his name is known to each and every Indian.  He added a new chapter to the Indian history by establishing an independent Hindu state at the time when the entire country was under the Muslim rule.  No Hindu has done such praiseworthy work in the history of India.  Though born of poor parentage and deprived of proper education, he established an independent state with his own struggle and strength.  Just like a lion is not coronated, he occupied the status with his own power and strength.  An embodiment of such virtues as wisdom, cleverness, courage, and after praiseworthy human qualities he was a unique character and rare personality.  His ideals are most relevant in today’s fissiparous world and his strength of character will continue to inspire all generations to come.

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