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Our Online Lending Library has a good collection of books on religion, spirituality, philosophy, history, literature. children’s book, etc. Click here to visit our Online Library.

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Authors can get their work published by Universal Culture Trust on religion, spirituality, history, art & culture, personality development, home, women and children, cooking and other general topics of interest. The book can be in English, Hindi or Malayalam. Your proposal should contain the synopsis of the book, structure and content along with two sample chapters of the book. You may mail your proposal to Please do not send us a manuscript if you have already sent it elsewhere. If your proposal is suitable, we shall get in touch with you. You will receive communication of its status within a reasonable time.
Talks and Seminars on Spirituality, Health and Family Life.

Talks, seminars and workshops on Religious Harmony and Social Integration,, Spirituality, Health, Family and Social Life. through experts in the field.

Translation Services (English, Hindi, Malayalam)