Acupuncture and Acupressure Guide, Dr. Satish Goel



In the technique of acupressure, the pressure should be applied directly over it and any massaging of the site should be achieved by rotating the finger over the site while maintaining the pressure unabatedly.  Even the layman must have experienced relief by slightly rubbing or caressing the injured part.  It is because of the mild pressure exerted against the acupuncture sites in the region of the injury.  By exerting pressure and imparting rotational massage over the principal sites after the first general rubbing, even more, relief could be experienced.  The pressure may also vary from person to person because the strength a person can persist also varies drastically.  And one must be cautious in selecting these sites as they could be very sensitive points overlaying the nerves.  When a tingling feeling of electricity passes down the course of the nerve which has an acupuncture site, it gets stimulated and a beneficial result should be obtained.

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