Grihanirmana Paddhati, Jyotsan Paraykkal Krishna Varier



Translation of Manushyalaya Chandrika, a treatise on House Construction in Kerala.  Relevant material has been adapted from other sources such as Vasthu Vidya and Shilpa Ratnam.  Necessary information has been given on how to build the foundation, basement, walls, roof, etc. and the way to make doors, door sills, plastering, floor work, electrification, water supply, etc. and the arrangement of the kitchen, dining hall, and bedrooms.  The information has also been given about the qualities that a house should have.  There is a separate chapter for the flat system.  The way how to make stairs with wood and cement including the measurement has also been described.  Plans and elevations have been given for building modern houses, tiled houses, old model houses, and Nalukettu.  Also the plan and elevation for twelve modern warp houses from 380 sq.ft. to 1800 sq.ft. have been added in the book.   There are beautiful pictures of olden houses, door sills, ornamental door handles, etc. and all other instructions for making new houses apart from information on the renovation, annexures, cost-effective house construction, grihapravesham, etc.

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