Guru Dharmam, Mathangalute Charithra Paschathalathil, Mukundan P.R.

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The book ‘Guru Dharmam Mathangalute Pashchathalathil’, explains the history of ten world religions and the important doctrines that give all of them a unique identity.  Among this, the Guru Dharma of Navajyoti Sri Karunakara Guru is a new school of thought.  It explores the unchanging spiritual structure of the universe that is eternal and binding upon the human race.  The universe originates not accidentally but from the deliberation of a Cosmic Mind.  We may call it the Guru, the Primordial Purusha, Adam, Siva, and so on.  The world has lost the memory of this Cosmic Mind in the course of the long history of human evolution.  This book is also an exploration into that lost history of the human race.

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