Osho, Avabodhathinte Theerthatakan, Dr. Chembur Sukumaran Nair


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Osho was a great Yogi who confronted the thorns of criticism with the freedom of thought.  He took care to make his words, thoughts, and actions transparent. His commentaries on sexuality, love, soul, and the universe with a sense of detachment.  His followers say that they experienced transcendental joy when the Master explained the secrets of life.  The language of Osho was transcendental as it flowed from the meditative heights of his mind.  That worked as a medicine to relieve the followers from the conflicts and uncertainties of life.  Osho spoke the language of universal love. He discarded the religious boundaries and nourished the brotherhood of mankind.  He was a mistaken prophet.  The preachers of morality wrongly presented his views on sexuality.  This book presents Osho as a man who knew all aspects of biological existence.

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