Saundarya Lahiri, The Ocean of Beauty, Sri Sankara Bhagavad Pada


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Saundarya Lahiri is a beautiful poem with spiritual, mythical, and tantric principles intricately woven into it.  It consists of a hundred and three hymns in praise of the Goddess Tripurasundari.  The first forty-one stanzas are referred to generally as he Ananda Lahari (the Ocean of Spiritual Bliss), while the second part gives its name to the whole book. The highest forms of worship envisaged by the Vedic seers are far above the level of many.  Therefore, other suitable forms of worship have been formulated.  One such is the Sri Vidya, worship of the Supreme in its feminine aspect.  In this text, Sri Sankaracharya expounds that worship in its pristine purity.

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Theosophical Society, Adyar


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