The Markandeya Purana, Translated by Bibek Debroy

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A glorious rendition of one of the oldest Puranas.  A marvelous amalgam of mythology and metaphysics, the Markandeya Purana unfolds as a series of conversations in which the sage Markandeya is asked to answer some deeper questions raised by events in the Mahabharata.  These illuminating exchanges evolve into a multifaceted exploration of the core concepts of Hindu philosophy- from an excellent exposition of yoga and its unique attributes to a profound treatise on the worship of the goddess, the Devi Mahatma, which also includes the popular devotional texts known as ‘Chandi’ or ‘Durga Saptashati’.

Brimming with insight and told with clarity, this luminous text is also a celebration of a complex mythological universe populated with gods and mortals and contains within its depths many nested tales like that of Queen Madalasa and her famous song.  Bibek Debroy’s masterful translation draws out the subtleties of the Markandeya Puranas, enabling a new generation of readers to savor its timeless riches.


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