The Modi-God Dialogues, Mukundan P.R.

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“The novel titled “The Modi-God Dialogues” by Shri Mukundan. P.R.  is really a novel attempt to discuss the Indian existential scenario-past and present- to establish a spiritual world order on the basis of sublime Indian culture through multiple characters and numerous mythological stories and significant events in the vast canvass of Indian cultural history.  The main motive is to search for peace, harmony, and happiness which are the perennial aspirations of humankind… This fascinating book deals with varied subjects pertaining to cosmogony, cosmology, social and political setup…All this is done in a dialogue form imitating the Bhagavad Gita…” (Prof. S.R. Bhatt, Chairman, Indian Philosophy Congress, Chairman, Asian-African Philosophy Congress.)

“The book is short, sweet, and full of wisdom for modern time. It rephrases many a knowledge issues, allows questioning, and the answer in a format that is conducive to modern communication with concepts, terminologies, and language. Placing a popular figure posing a Mahatma Modi to raise issues of concern to society, intellectuals, truth seekers, religious figures, and politicians to “God” is a format of Bhagavad Gita that may be very effective and efficient to provide foundational knowledge to modern youth for much to ponder. It addresses the questions, but provides further discussion by seekers, a beautiful way of continuing the dialogue for eternity.” (Bal Ram Singh, PhD, President, Institute of Advanced Sciences, Professor and Director, Botulinum Research Center, Executive Mentor, School of Indic Studies)

“The dialogue described in this book will take us to a new land full of spiritual warmth and imagination…” (Sebastian Velassery, UGC National Emeritus Professor & Senior Fellow, Indian Council of Philosophical Research (ICPR))

“In the Modi-God Dialogues, Mukundan P.R. creates new ways for the core of the teaching of Hinduism, Sanatana Dharma, to shine and guide us in the modern world. Partly a cosmology, partly a dialogue between God-Guru and man-disciple, partly a discussion on pressing current-day issues, the book elegantly bridges the gap between traditional and modern, spiritual, and material and God and creation. The biggest contribution of this book is the revitalization of the role of genuine Guru in global spirituality as well as a superb understanding of the individual, collective and cosmic aspects of spiritual evolution. I strongly recommend this book to anyone interested in the relevance of Santana Dharma today and spirituality in general.” ( Nikola Anandamali Ristic, Author of Spirit X, Spirituality for the Global and Digital Age)

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