Dr. Palpu, The Champion of Justice, Prof. M.K. Sanoo

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His intelligence, powers of empathy, and visionary zeal were so extraordinary that he stood head and shoulders over most of his contemporaries. But so deep-rooted was his piety that his towering self-confidence was always tempered by respect for fellow humans.  Dr. Palpu was a colossus who bestrode the narrow world of his times, without being affected by its pettiness or overwhelmed by self-pride.  Spiritual poise was second nature to him, as he went about his life, drawing inspirations from his sattvik mentors, and shouldering responsibilities unbidden, as much to alleviate the misery of others as to elevate the condition of the oppressed.  Prof. M.K. Sanoo’s authoritative biography ‘Dr. Palpu – the Champion of Justice’ is most likely to make the readers remark thus about Dr Palpu:  ‘How noble in reason, how infinite in faculty! In form and moving how express and admirable? In action how like an angel!’.

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