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    The Mahabharata, An Epic Journey For Children

    Mahabharata, one of the most revered classics of India is a sourcebook of a wonderful tale.  It is the story of the Pandavas and the Kauravas and the Mahabharata war.

    The Ramayana, An Epic Journey For Children

    Ramayana is one of the founding epics and a masterpiece of Indian literature that is well known, globally.  Its reach is so wide that it has been translated into several languages and has had several editions.

    Manavarashi Innale, Innu, Nale, Navajyoti Sri Karunakara Guru

    The sacred Guru word (Guruvani) of Navajyoti Sri Karunakara Guru.  Guru reveals the history of the original error that happened many ages ago in the spiritual history of man.  The Guru also makes important revelations about the origin of life, solar system, spiritual evolution, society, and culture.

    Panchatantra Kadhakal

    Panchatantram is the stories narrated by Vishnu Sharma to the foolish children of a king Amara Shakti.  Panchatantram has an eminent place in world literature.   The stories inspire the children to lead a life of wisdom.